Our Crusade

We continually strive to manufacture and offer the most proven, rarest and in demand health & fitness products that cannot be found anywhere else. We manufacture breaking edge products with guaranteed results backed by multiple doctors, UFC, NFL and other top level athletes. Our products are also enjoyed and recommended by eastern medicine physicians (TCM and AYURVEDA). Additionally, we believe in timely shipping and delivery with tracking # offered. We answer emails and inboxes quickly, take pride in our professionalism and unique products offering bulletproof results, and extend our uniqueness & solidarity to our customers. Not only that, we offer free coaching with and while using any of our Aztec product for maximum results.

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Cash app has become such a popular selection of payment, we are now offering the opportunity to confirm what items you prefer via the website and we will follow up to allow Cash App to finalize your payment process.

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Aztec Cleanse

Burn fat, detox & lose weight! Alkalize your system and help beat poor health conditions. Revitalize your energy levels and restore your self confidence and discipline. Just like you would your automobile, give your system the tune-up it deserves!


Expect 8 Hours of ALL-Day energy, laser focus, and fat burning! Even if you don't workout, you will be able to multitask better, articulate your thoughts and boost your performance. We have construction workers and business professionals alike who take it in the morning before work just to be at their peak perofrmance and burn fat all day.

Aztec Shred
Aztec Whey Protein

Aztec Whey Protein

All Natural, No artificial anything. No chalky texture! It mixes well with even water. Many folks use it as a meal replacement and burn fat and lose weight. Doctor & UFC recommended, it is also safe for children and the elderly.